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PCB Terminal Blocks
Pluggable Terminal Blocks
Spring Terminal Blocks
Barrier Terminal Blocks
Din-Rail Mount Terminal Blocks
Through Type Terminal Blocks
Feed-Through Terminal Blocks
Modular Terminal Blocks
Metal Welding Foot And Terminal Lug
????Suzhou Xunxiang Electronics Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research & development,design,production and marketing of terminal blocks. The company,which is based in suzhou national Hi-tech District, Currently has over 300 staff.Since ITSestablishment,the company has won wider recognition and favor from customers on its quality products and services by means of constant innovation.
The main products include 6 different types and 1200 models of terminal blocks such as PCB terminal blocks,pluggable terminal blocks,screwless terminal blocks,barrier terminal blocks,Din-rail mount terminal blocks,...










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 PCB Terminal blocks
 Terminal blocks
Suzhou Xunxiang Electronics Co.,Ltd.
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Address:NO.85 Zi Jin Road,High Tech Zone Of Suzhou Email:[email protected] Tel:0512-66316559 Fax:0512-66798250


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